Mandatory mark of origin regulations would stop bogus back stamping. It’s time to act!

back stampsThe Adjournment Debate on Bogus Back Stamping at Westminster last week reinforces the work that I have done to ensure that back stamping / mark of origin becomes a reality.

We already use mark of origin in the food industry in order to protect consumers and producers. Ceramic tableware should be no different. Consumers deserve the to right to know exactly what they are buying and where it came from. They should be in the position to make an informed choice.

Mandatory mark of origin products were supported by the European Parliament, European Commission, North Staffordshire’s MPs and UNITY Trade Union. Unfortunately, the UK Government is “cautious about adopting a legislative approach to origin labelling of manufactured goods”. This caution is in marked contrast to those who import foreign ceramic goods from outside the EU, finish them off and then stamp “Made in England” on the bottom!

Mandatory mark of origin regulations would stop this. And that is why I will continue to put pressure on the UK Government to support EU mark of origin regulations.