We want backstamping and we want it now!

cashman backstamp
The European Parliament has adopted a Resolution urging the European Commission not to withdraw its Mark of Origin proposal on ceramic tableware goods and for the European Council to finally accept them.

“I am pleased the European Parliament has reiterated the call I have made for 15 years to the EC on behalf of the industry and I thank my colleagues for this gesture of EU solidarity to protect the industry”, said Michael Cashman, co-Chair of the European Parliament Ceramics Forum.

Although the proposal is supported by the European Parliament and the European Commission, the proposal has never been approved by the governments of EU Member States at the European Council and the Commission has decided to unilaterally withdraw the proposal.

“Mark of origin would improve consumer choice. More information leads to better choices! I can only stress the importance of preserving, as part of multilateral trade, a level playing field between EU enterprises and their competitors from third countries such as China and of taking a consistent approach in order to ensure consumer protection – these proposals are the best example of why the UK is better in the EU!”, continued the West Midlands MEP.

“Ceramic producers want it. Trade unions want it. The European Commission and the European Parliament want it. The decision now rests with the UK and the other member states of the EU as to whether they seriously want to protect the industry and its jobs. If they do, there is no reason for the European Commission to withdraw its proposal. We need backstamping and we need it now! ”, he concluded.


(1) Globalisation has seen a massive increase in cheaply made tableware and ceramic products coming over from outside the EU and in many cases consumers just don’t know what they are buying.

Mark of origin proposals would see certain goods manufactured outside the EU, including ceramics, bearing a mark which would inform consumers where they come from. The proposals would also help to tackle counterfeit goods. The proposals have widespread support from the ceramics industry in the UK and across Europe.

(2) The text of the Resolution can be found here