“More transparency of EU decision-making process, with or without the European Commission’s approval”

Michael CASHMANThe European Parliament’s Rapporteur on the revision of Regulation 1049/2001 on Public Access to EU institutions Documents urged the Irish Presidency to reopen the negotiations on the file.

On Tuesday 22 January, Alan Shatter, Irish Minister for Justice, presented the priorities of its Presidency for the next 6 months, in the area of Justice and Home Affairs to the Members of the LIBE Committee.

“I offer you this now: I want to meet informally so that with the prime Minister’s officials we can informally draft a compromise resolution regardless of the Commission and let’s see where we get on that”, said Cashman.

Michael Cashman has been negotiating the revision on behalf of the European Parliament for 5 years now in order to offer a better access by EU citizens to the EU decision-making process. However, close to a deal with the Danish Presidency in June 2012, this was prevented by the reluctance of the European Commission and some of the bigger Member States. Since then, the European Commission has blocked any discussions.

“The Cypriot Presidency concluded by saying that current circumstances were not favourable to reach a compromise on this file, the Danish Presidency will tell you the same. Can I tell you why? It is because of the obstruction and the misinformation being spread by the Commission”, he concluded

The Rapporteur noted that the Minister answered that the “Presidency will be very happy to work towards unblocking the situation and is open to any suggestions”.

“More transparency of the EU decision-making process, with or without the European Commission’s approval”