Cashman welcomes suspension of woman’s death sentence in Iran

Michael Cashman MEP has welcomed the announcement by the Iranian Government that the death sentence for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been suspended. But he has repeated his call for the Iranian authorities to release Ebrahim Hamidi, an 18-year old charged with homosexuality who still faces imminent execution.

The West Midlands Euro MP said: “I welcome this suspension. It shows that the dialogue with Iran about human rights remains open. I hope that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani never faces a death sentence again. But the international campaign for victims of human rights in Iran will continue whilst Ebraham Hamidi and others like continue to face execution.”

Cashman highlighted that a resolution passed yesterday (Wednesday 8 September) by the European Parliament called for an end to all death sentences for adultery or homosexuality. During the debate in Strasbourg, MEPs from the Socialists & Democrats Group denounced any criminalisation of consensual sexual relations between adults, and urged the authorities in Iran to decriminalise ‘adultery’ as well as same-sex relations.

Progressive MEPs reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to abolish death penalties in all countries, and they specifically urged the Government of Iran to ban stoning, a particularly cruel method of execution.

They also called Tehran to reconsider the case of Zahra Bahrami -the Dutch-Iranian imprisoned under the accusation of demonstrating against the government who so far had no access to a lawyer.